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PEO Solutions

The future of global expansion

International mobilisation and employee deployment

The world is changing and so should your recruitment practices. Long gone are the days where a physical office was necessary to operate in a new geography. With our International PEO services, we help clients deploy their workforce in over 68 countries in the Middle east (GCC & Levant) & Africa & Turkey region. From mobilising staff to managing compliance with local labour laws and processing their payroll, TASC does it all.

Our Visa. Our Payroll - Your People. Anywhere in the world.

  • Managing visa, insurance and payroll for your team
  • Managing employment benefits, costs & administration
  • 100% compliant with local labour laws, taxes etc
  • Fast and easy access to over 68 countries across the MENA

Global PEO

Our international employee deployment solutions help drive your business objectives whilst minimising the hassle related to compliance in setting-up an in-country entity. Our end goal is to recruit and manage a mobile workforce for your business that will help you expand to new geographies without any of the legal, compliance or administrative burdens and risks associated with it.

Full-suite PEO services

We offer comprehensive support for your HR expansion plans in the GCC or MENA region and apply our expertise to the needs of your business.

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Time-bound solutions

We simplify the onboarding process for your business, allowing you to start operations without paperwork or compliance complications all within days.

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Fully compliant solutions

Our local representation in over 68 countries across the MENA region guarantees 100% compliance to all the local protocols, labour laws and taxation regulations.

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Fortune 500 companies trust TASC with their contract staffing. Here's why:
  • 50 people operations team
  • Multilingual deployment specialists available 24/7
  • Dedicated account manager as single point of contact
  • On the ground representation in every country in the GCC
  • Partner network spanning over 68 countries
  • 100% compliance to local labor laws
  • Complete transparency in regards to pricing structure and SLAs
  • Full suite Outsourcing Solutions
  • Dedicated onboarding and support teams (ECARE)
  • 24/7 AIDA chatbot that provides guidance and support
  • Hassle free management of visa, payroll and taxation

TASC – World-Class PEO Services from Top Professionals in Dubai

Working with a professional employer organisation in Dubai can be one of the best decisions for your business. It is not uncommon for companies to face challenges while managing HR-related responsibilities, which is why partnering with an agency that offers the best PEO services can offer the relief and efficiency your business needs while operating on a global scale.

AT TASC, we offer customized PEO services to manage your business's HR-related tasks, such as visa processing and payroll calculations, allowing you to concentrate on your business operations. Our experts have years of experience in handling employee benefits, HR, and tax needs.

As one of the best PEO companies in the UAE, leveraging TASC services can help you to –

  • Remain compliant with local laws and regulations
  • Offer better benefits to your employees
  • Provide a smooth onboarding experience to your new hires
  • Hire top talent from the candidate pool
  • Avoid worrying about HR-related issues
  • Prevent risks associated with employment issues

Our enterprise acts as the Employer of Record, allowing businesses to operate without a local entity, saving time and money, while retaining complete control over employees.

How Leveraging the Top PEO Services Benefit Your Organisation?


Expand with Ease

Enjoy endless possibilities of entering new markets in the Middle East to establish a new business or expand your current one.


Dedicated Support

As one of the best PEO companies, TASC will offer you a dedicated customer support service with an exclusive account manager for help and assistance at all times.


Access to Top Experts

Ou top PEO services come with a team of highly experienced experts who will use their superlative management skills to maintain optimal workflow within your organisation. If you are looking for guaranteed efficiency in HR-related tasks, you can count on us.


Fast Market Entry

Incorporating your company and starting your operations doesn’t have to take long hours of wait. As a top professional employee organisation in Dubai, we are here to make sure you get fast market entry with a streamlined hiring process.


Cost Savings

By choosing us among the best PEO companies in Dubai, you will get to save resources that could be invested in your core business operations. We offer a highly cost-effective solution with competitive rates without compromising on the quality of our services.


Time Savings

Get to save a lot of time which would've gone into dealing with endless paperwork surrounding business incorporation. With the best PEO services at your disposal, you get the chance to own your time.


What is Our Approach to Offering the Best PEO Services?

Discussing Your Needs

We set up meetings in order to understand your specific needs and requirements regarding your business setup or expansion in the Middle East.

Curating a Customised Service

After understanding your needs, our top experts will develop a customised plan that best meets your requirements.

Beginning the Set Up Process

When we agree to the scope of our services, including terms and conditions, we enter into an agreement. When finalised, experts at our professional employer organisation in Dubai will begin the setup process to operate according to the chosen market and timeframe.

Taking Over Your Operations

Depending on the customised plan of action, you can depend on our top specialists to offer the top PEO services that not only take over the administrative tasks but also cater to offering continuous support.

Why Choose TASC as Your Professional Employer Organisation in Dubai?

With expertise in the local laws and regulations of the UAE, TASC provides efficient employee management and recruitment services to help businesses navigate the complex terrain of international employment. Their experienced team of consultants has worked with clients across various sectors, ensuring seamless and compliant service delivery.

By choosing TASC, you will get access to the best PEO services in Dubai, including

  • Fast Onboarding – We will help your new hires transition smoothly into your organisation, giving them a better understanding of their specific roles and responsibilities right from the beginning of employment.
  • Seamless Payroll Processing – Our top PEO services entail accurate and timely payroll processing. With cutting-edge technology and tools at our disposal, we will make the payroll process as easy and efficient as possible for you.
  • Streamlined Hiring & Recruitment Services – As one of the best PEO companies in Dubai, you can trust our specialists to find high-quality candidates for your organisation and offer assistance at every stage of the hiring process.
  • Easy Benefits Management – As your professional employer organisation in Dubai, we will manage the benefits administration of your employees to the maximum capacity.
  • Sound Legal Advice – AT TASC, we have an expert team of legal consultants who will be at your beck and call to ensure you remain compliant with the local employment and tax laws.
  • Ongoing Employee Support – If you face an employment-related issue, our consultants will be at your service to handle it all on your behalf.

Our Solutions


  • Mobilise your team in over 68 countries
  • No need for a local entity
  • Your employee, our visa, payroll and insurance


  • Complete visa processing
  • Payroll management
  • Offer letters in accordance with local laws

Insurance Cover

  • Public liability insurance cover
  • Professional indemnity
  • Workman compensation

Consulting & Support

  • Insights and data on local markets and regulations
  • Regular updates relating to changes in regulatory bodies
  • Advice on best workforce solutions for your global team

Client Success Stories

Case Study

Global mobilization to KSA and Africa for a multinational pharma company.

TASC was instrumental in helping a global pharma company expand into new geographies such as KSA, Rwanda, Algeria, Ghana and Egypt without having to open an entity.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)?

    A PEO is an organization that can outsource a wide range of human resource management tasks, including benefits, compensation, recruitment, payroll, and training. Following a co-employment model, a PEO hires employees on behalf of their clients and acts as the “employer on record” responsible for the insurance and tax compliance of the employees.

  • What are the types of businesses that need a PEO?

    Any business can hire a PEO. Even a non-profit organization can benefit from using PEO services. Companies in tech, retail, manufacturing, financial services, and other sectors frequently get into PEO arrangements. Whether a two-person office or a manufacturing unit employing hundreds or thousands of workers, co-employment through a PEO set-up can prove to be an effective solution.

  • How are PEOs different from an employee leasing service?

    An employee leasing company provides human resources temporarily or for specific projects. In contrast, the role of a PEO is that of a service provider to its clients’ business and managing employees. When a short-term project or temporary staffing requirement is fulfilled during employee leasing, the workers are either reassigned to another project or laid off. In the case of a PEO, employees continue their work for the employer even after the PEO contract ends.

  • How can clients of a PEO control the employees working for them?

    Though PEOs officially fulfill all the staffing requirements, business owners or clients can still directly supervise or control the employees. The clients determine job responsibilities, quality standards, wage rates, performance standards, working hours, compliance with rules, and other terms.

  • How can business owners control costs in a PEO arrangement?

    PEOs control the costs of a business by providing service infrastructure, the latest technology solutions, and platforms for delivering the contracted services with due compliance. PEOs enable cost savings by managing the routine and redundant tasks, such as payroll, taxes, employment practices, HR, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance.

  • How do PEOs pay employee wages and payroll taxes?

    PEOs undertake a contractual obligation to pay wages and comply with the taxation rules and regulations. They specialize in reporting income and withholding taxes and ensuring all federal and state taxes are paid on time.

  • Who bears the regulatory compliance obligations in a PEO setup?

    Organizations that seek to expand their businesses to foreign countries often face the issue of not having the adequate know-how of regulatory compliance. This is where PEOs come into play by efficiently managing payroll, accounting, taxation, and compliance issues.


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