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Permanent Recruitment

Top Talent to Scale your Business

Hire & Retain Top Talent

We all know that people are any company’s greatest asset. But scouting, screening and hiring the best talent in the industry can be a time-consuming and challenging process. At TASC, we offer professional recruitment services to companies in the UAE and the GCC from mid-senior level positions all the way to executive search. Backed by in-house research capability, our strong understanding of the local market, and an extensive database of candidates, we take pride in finding ‘people for tomorrow’.

Our experienced recruiters do the following:

  • Scout the best talent across various databases and job board lists
  • Interview and screen candidates to ensure technical and cultural fit
  • Qualify the candidates and clear formalities related to local or international hiring.
  • Manage the whole interview process between client and candidates
  • Follow up after hiring to ensure culture fit
  • Replacement guarantee for select hiring solutions.


Why choose TASC?

With years of experience in talent resourcing, TASC has established itself as one of the most trusted local agencies for permanent recruitment in the UAE. We not only work with start-ups SMEs and Fortune 500 companies; we partner with them to find the people they need to reach their goals. It is our brand promise to find the right talent fast, without surprises or compromises.

Unrivalled Service & Support

Get unparalleled assistance for permanent recruitment across all levels of the management with unwavering support at every step.

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Local Expertise and Knowledge

We are locally based and operated in the UAE. We understand the recruitment challenges and offer comprehensive solutions based on bespoke needs.

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Full suite Outsourcing Solutions

From candidate shortlisting & screenings to interviews, qualitative tests, further reviews, and compliance, we offer full-suite services.

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Fortune 500 companies choose TASC as their recruitment partner
Here’s why:
  • Expertise in aligning our work with your business objectives.
  • All-inclusive support for permanent recruitment.
  • In-house database of candidates for immediate hiring.
  • 100% compliant international hiring hassle free.
  • Complete control over the hiring process
  • Full suite of HR and recruitment solutions

Our Solutions

Executive Search

Getting C-level recruitment right can mean the difference between business success and failure. That’s why we’ve built a global talent network that puts leading executive and C-level leadership candidates just a click away.

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Contingency Recruitment

We know that staffing and recruitment retainers can mean a substantial investment. So we offer an alternative – our innovative Contingency Recruitment service.

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Nationalisation - Emiratization & Saudization

Our dedicated 40+ strong recruitment team, many of them Arabic-speaking, have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities...

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Our Specialisations


E-commerce & Digital

Technology & Engineering

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharma & Healthcare

Banking & Finance

Retail & Consumer

Energy & Oil

Aviation & Automotive


  • E-commerce & Digital

  • Technology & Engineering

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Pharma & Healthcare

  • Banking & Finance

  • Retail & Consumer

  • Energy & Oil

  • Aviation & Automotive

  • Telecommunications


It’s a candidate’s market.
Here’s how to win the war on Talent.

  • Focus on requirements & exclusivity of each permanent role.
  • Define goals and business objectives for new recruits.
  • Focus on inclusivity and nationalisation
  • Minimise hiring costs & mistakes through dedicated outsourcing.
  • Hire people with the “wish to retain” mindset.
  • Reduce the pressure & work on internal HR teams for them to perform better.
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TASC – Full-Suite Permanent
Recruitment Services in Dubai

At TASC, we offer customized permanent staffing services to help organizations find the right candidates for their businesses. With years of experience, our expert recruiters will screen, interview, and hire suitable candidates for your permanent positions. 

Our permanent recruitment methodology ensures that we find candidates who possess the right technical skills and fit well with your workplace culture, providing long-term loyalty. As one of the top permanent staffing consultancies in Dubai, we can help organizations of all sizes and industries build a strong team.

What are the Perks of Having a Permanent Recruitment Consultant?

With a permanent staffing company, you can delegate the task of finding the perfect employees for your new project to fill your open positions at a faster turnaround time with no compromise on quality.

By having a permanent recruitment consultant by your side, you get to – 

  • Leverage their expertise
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Increase your reach and access to talent
  • Save time for more critical tasks 
  • Save money
  • Reduce employee turnover rates
  • Boost your organizational growth

What is Our Approach to Permanent Staffing?

As your permanent recruitment consultant, we take a hands-on approach to streamline the entire process of permanent recruitment. According to your specific needs, you can expect us to customize our methodology in order to shortlist the candidates who will be better equipped to handle the unique challenges they may come across working in your organization. Here are the four steps we follow to ensure you find the right candidates for your open positions – 

Understanding Your Requirements

Our first step is to understand your needs and requirements. We will discuss and understand your business goals, background, and workplace culture. If necessary, we may schedule visits to your workplace to better understand the roles and responsibilities of your preferred permanent recruitment candidate.


Curating a Customized Recruitment Plan

After gathering all the necessary details, we develop a customized recruitment plan to help materialize your permanent staffing goals. As your permanent recruitment consultant, we leverage our extensive network of active and passive job seekers, databases, strategic alliances, contacts at professional organizations, and personal networks to extend our search for your ideal candidate.

Shortlisting Candidates and Conducting Background Verification

Our permanent staffing consultants start screening and interviewing candidates to shortlist the ones that ideally have the soft and hard skills required for the role. After matching them with the organizational culture, we also conduct a thorough background check to verify their professional references and work history. We will then forward a couple of profiles to you, from which you can select the best candidate for your permanent role.


Finalizing the Job Offer and Following Up

Once the candidate has been selected, our permanent recruitment consultant will send the job offer, manage negotiations, and secure a signed offer letter from the individual. As part of our permanent staffing services, we conduct ongoing follow-up sessions to ensure there are no issues with the onboarding process.

With streamlined permanent staffing services in terms of sourcing and delivery, the goal is to minimize spending on recruitment, onboarding, and training new employees.


Why Choose TASC as Permanent
Staffing Service Provider?

As your permanent recruitment agency, we are ready to walk to extra mile to ensure you have the right talent for your vacancies. By combining our intelligence and resources, our consultants will take a proactive approach to ensure your open positions do not remain vacant for long.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose TASC as your permanent recruitment partner – 


Extensive Database

With more than 16 years of experience working in our favour, TASC has an exhaustive in-house database of candidates across a diverse range of industries.


Experienced and Bilingual Recruitment Experts

Our consultants at TASC are highly qualified and experienced, they can fulfil a wide range of language requirements, especially when hiring UAE nationals as permanent employees.


Industry Diversification

Specializing in multiple industries, you can expect us to meet your permanent staffing requirements specific to your business and sector.


Strong Reputation

With a robust methodology, cutting-edge technology, and years of hard work in recruitment, we have managed to build a solid reputation across the UAE.

It’s not easy to find and hire permanent staff for your organization, which is why we are here at your service. By choosing to rely on us, you no longer have to worry about the hiring process, starting from putting up ads on job boards to negotiating a salary. We will do it all for you!


How can we help?

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