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Energy & Oil

Empowering Businesses and the People Driving Them!

When it comes to the energy and oil sector, the process of conceptualizing, planning, and managing projects requires the skills and experience of highly resourceful and professional individuals. When numerous international projects are on the table, you need an efficient workforce backing you up, now and in the future.

Because the demand for talented individuals in the energy and oil sector isn’t getting smaller in the Middle East, TASC can come to your help in discovering, evaluating, and recruiting your employees.

From geo technicians to refinery designs engineers, our consultants can use their industry knowledge and experience to find suitable candidates for your organization. Having more than 15 years of experience operating the MENA region, you are assured of receiving 100% satisfaction from your hires. Be it contract staffing or permanent recruitment; we will leverage our services based on your needs.

Because the landscape of recruitment in the energy and oil sector keeps changing rapidly, our experts can use specialized tools to recognize opportunities and risks specific to the industry, empowering you to make better decisions that drive growth.

Please share your details with us, and we will let you know how we could be helpful with your needs.

The most trusted Talent Partner

Cost-Effective Recruitment Solutions
Cost-Effective Recruitment Solutions
Onshore and Offshore Staffing Solutions
Onshore and Offshore Staffing Solutions
Strong Market Experience
Strong Market Experience
Reliable and Extensive Database
Reliable and Extensive Database

What Makes a spectacular Energy and Oil Company?

The Right Mix of People

The Right Mix of People

Because your energy and oil company’s needs are unique, you need a team where each member complements the other. Because every individual has drawbacks, your hiring focus should be on finding the correct sync.

An Uplifting Work Culture

An Uplifting Work Culture

A Company connot flourish if its employees pull each other down. Only when people stop thinking as an individual and as a team will their collective efforts help take the company forward.

A Sound Technological Infrastructure

A Sound Technological Infrastructure

Because the energy and oil industry heavily rely upon equipment and technology, having access to the best infrastructure allows employees the room to do their jobs right and drive the company towards growth.

Issues with Recruiting Staff for the
Energy and Oil Sector


Filling Specialized Positions

Recruiting candidates for highly specialized positions, such as senior Production Engineer, Production Seismologist etc.is difficult in a highly competitive market, with no access to global talent.


Assessing Candidates for Cultural Fit

It isn’t easy to find candidates who have all the necessary qualifications, experience and skills and at the same time an excellent fit for the organization’s work culture pattern.


Acquiring Tech-Savvy Candidates

AI, MI, Big Data, and LoT can boost productivity and efficiency in an organization, finding, caditates well-versed with these advanced technologies can be a major roadblock.


Finding Candidates to work on
offshore Assignments

Though salaries are competitive in the energy and oil sector, dynamic candidates want better living conditions and work hours, which can be a problem with offshore assignments.

Why choose TASC?

With years of experience in talent resourcing, TASC has established itself as one of the most trusted partners for recruitment solutions in the GCC. We not only work with start-ups SMEs and Fortune 500 companies; we partner with them to find the people they need to reach their goals. It is our brand promise to find the right talent fast, without surprises or compromises.

Unrivalled Service & Support

Get unparalleled assistance for staffing solutions across all levels of the management with unwavering support at every step.

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Local Expertise and Knowledge

We are locally based and operated in the UAE. We understand the recruitment challenges and offer comprehensive solutions based on bespoke needs.

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Full suite Outsourcing Solutions

From candidate shortlisting & screenings to interviews, qualitative tests, further reviews, and compliance, we offer full-suite services.

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Here's Why Fortune 500 Companies Trust TASC
As A Recruitment Partner
  • All our services are customized precisely to suit your business objectives.
  • We provide hassle-free and 100% compliant international hiring solutions.
  • You get complete control over the hiring process while we ensure quality and convenience.
  • We help businesses meet their permanent recruitment needs with ease.
  • With a full-fledged in-house database of candidates, we can help with immediate hiring too.
  • You get access to a full suite of HR and recruitment solutions all in one place.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Recruitment Projects

  • Define each role precisely and exclusively
  • Provide a clear vision of goals and business objectives to the recruits
  • Make the most out of nationalisation and create an inclusive work atmosphere
  • Partner with experienced professionals and reduce errors and hiring costs
  • Focus on retention and hire candidates with higher retention chances
  • Reduce the workload on the internal HR team,focus on performance over quantity
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