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Running aviation or automotive company requires a skilled and highly efficient workforce in this competitive era. Without the right recruitment processes in place, companies will end up experiencing –

  • High employee turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Wastage of financial and operational resources

Fortunately, TASC is here to assist. As a specialist outsourcing company, we have revolutionized the staffing strategy and vetted candidates of the highest calibre from the aviation and automotive sectors to assist your business today and in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to hire a team of crew, or engineers or manage their payroll; we will take on a hands-on recruitment approach to fill your vacancies faster and with certainty. From candidate onboarding to employee management, we will take over your hiring cycle end-to-end to offer guaranteed efficiency.

Having over 15 years of experience in the MENA region, we have managed to work with numerous clients in the aviation and automotive industry. With our acquired knowledge and expertise, we not only help enhance the recruitment process but also assist you with recognizing opportunities and risks in your industry, enabling you to make better decisions.

Our extensive database is at the core of our business ensuring our clients have access to the right skills to deliver high performance and maximum impact. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we could help you streamline your recruitment process, get in touch with us now with your details and requirements.

The most trusted Talent Partner

Advanced Recruitment Tools and Technologies
Advanced Recruitment Tools and Technologies
Bespoke Recruitment Marketing
Bespoke Recruitment Marketing
Comprehensive and Rigorous Recruitment Process
Comprehensive and Rigorous Recruitment Process
Total Flight Crew Management
Total Flight Crew Management

What Makes a
Great Aviation/Automotive Firm?

Excellent Leadership

Excellent Leadership

Only a trustworthy and respected individual can lead a team to success. Because a leader is meant to steer the direction of focus for the company, it is essential that the person is strong, rational, and capable.

Experienced and Highly Skilled Employees

Experienced and Highly Skilled Employees

To be a part of an aviation/automotive firm requires a smooth blend of highly noted skills, training, and screen professionals. Hence, it is necessary to recruit candidates who have the experience and technical know-how to do their jobs.

Open Communication and Constructive Conflict Resolution

Open Communication and Constructive Conflict Resolution

A company that welcomes diverse opinions get more opportunities to grow. Though disagreements are inevitable, an effective workforce would resolve them constructively and drive growth.

Hiring Roadblocks in the Aviation and Automotive Industries


Filling in Maintenance and
Technician Positions

Several maintenance and technical jobs in UAE, such as aircraft engineers, quality & safety maintenance personnel, are challenging to fill when the demand for such candidates is high.


Volume Hiring

For high volume hiring in the automotive & aviation industry, reaching the niche large talent pools is a major challenge. From organizing and running face-to-face or virtual candidate assessments results in high investments of cost & time for the organisation.


Identifying Candidates with
the Right Skills

With a significant talent gap in the aviation and automotive industry, it is not easy to find younger talent with the right and necessary balance of skills.


Acquiring Candidates Well-Versed in
Latest Technologies

Because technology in the aviation & automotive industry is advancing at a fast pace, finding candidates with the required technological skills is difficult.

Why choose TASC?

With years of experience in talent resourcing, TASC has established itself as one of the most trusted partners for recruitment solutions in the GCC. We not only work with start-ups SMEs and Fortune 500 companies; we partner with them to find the people they need to reach their goals. It is our brand promise to find the right talent fast, without surprises or compromises.

Unrivalled Service & Support

Get unparalleled assistance for staffing solutions across all levels of the management with unwavering support at every step.

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Local Expertise and Knowledge

We are locally based and operated in the UAE. We understand the recruitment challenges and offer comprehensive solutions based on bespoke needs.

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Full suite Outsourcing Solutions

From candidate shortlisting & screenings to interviews, qualitative tests, further reviews, and compliance, we offer full-suite services.

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Here's Why Fortune 500 Companies Trust TASC
As A Recruitment Partner
  • All our services are customized precisely to suit your business objectives.
  • We provide hassle-free and 100% compliant international hiring solutions.
  • You get complete control over the hiring process while we ensure quality and convenience.
  • We help businesses meet their permanent recruitment needs with ease.
  • With a full-fledged in-house database of candidates, we can help with immediate hiring too.
  • You get access to a full suite of HR and recruitment solutions all in one place.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Recruitment Projects

  • Define each role precisely and exclusively
  • Provide a clear vision of goals and business objectives to the recruits
  • Make the most out of nationalisation and create an inclusive work atmosphere
  • Partner with experienced professionals and reduce errors and hiring costs
  • Focus on retention and hire candidates with higher retention chances
  • Reduce the workload on the internal HR team,focus on performance over quantity
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