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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Strategic Recruitment, Outsourced to Experts!

Navigate The Future Of Hiring With Our RPO Solutions!

We live in a business world that’s evolving exponentially, making it more crucial for businesses to invest in quick and smart recruitment and hiring processes. Instead of getting overwhelmed by a flood of resumes, you can choose to leverage our advanced RPO solutions. With our seasoned consultants by your side, we’ll take a flexible and practical approach to assist you in any part of your recruitment process.

Start your journey towards success with our bespoke RPO solutions. From talent screening to compliance checks, we will simplify hiring for you, ensuring your business can thrive now and in the future.


What Does Our RPO Process Look Like?

As your RPO services provider, we will go beyond conventional recruitment. At TASC, we offer a dynamic partnership that extends far beyond finding suitable candidates. We take a collaborative and comprehensive approach designed to seamlessly align with your business objectives. Let’s take a closer look at our RPO process –

Workforce Planning

We begin our RPO process with meticulous workforce planning, trying to understand your organisational dynamics to curate your talent landscape closely. By doing so, we have a better understanding of your current & future staffing needs, enabling us to create tailored solutions for sourcing and acquiring the right talent at the right time.

Talent Attraction

We aren’t just looking to hire talent but to attract the best towards your organisation. Through our intricate RPO process, we will deploy innovative strategies to position your brand as a magnet for top-tier talent. Through targeted outreach, employer branding, and candidate engagement initiatives, we will ensure that your Learn More...

Candidate Screening

As your RPO recruiter, we implement a comprehensive screening process that prioritises cultural fit to ensure your employees share the same values and ethics as your brand. We use this approach to help candidates seamlessly integrate into your company culture to foster long-term success and collaboration.

Offer Management

From negotiating terms to facilitating smooth onboarding, our RPO process will take care of your entire offer management process. We will handle negotiations in a way where both parties are satisfied. After offer acceptance, we will extend our services throughout the onboarding process to make your organisation Learn More...

Compliance Checks

An integral part of our RPO process is navigating the complexities of legal and regional compliance. We do so by conducting rigorous checks that consider the legal regulations and industry standards carefully. Our meticulous approach mitigates risks and helps instil confidence in the processes we adopt.


Many Fortune 500 firms trust TASC for their recruitment and staffing needs. Here’s what sets us apart…

  • Deep local market insight
  • Proven rapid deployment
  • A powerful 40+ member recruitment team
  • Dedicated eCare and onboarding teams
  • Extensive temp candidate database
  • Comprehensive employee lifecycle management
  • Expertise in global recruitment drives
  • Full spectrum workforce solutions
  • Deployment capabilities across 68+ countries

Our RPO Solutions


Enterprise RPO

Tailored for corporate giants, our Enterprise RPO hiring solution is designed for large-scale hiring needs. If you’re a powerhouse corporation or a business with a headcount of 100+ staff, this solution is perfect for you.

On-Demand RPO

As your RPO service provider, we will go beyond special occasions like Expo 2020 with our On-Demand RPO services. We aim to cater to your seasonal hiring surges to offer a flexible talent pool that can keep up with demand fluctuations.

Hybrid RPO

Through our hybrid RPO outsourcing recruitment, we plan on incorporating the best practices to offer start-ups flexibility in meeting their dynamic needs. Whether there’s a sudden hiring shift or rapid growth in the company, our Hybrid model can help.


Why Choose TASC As Your RPO Provider?

When you choose a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, you need to ensure that they can mirror your organisational needs. Here are three reasons that make our RPO model stand out –

Global Expertise

While we are deeply rooted in the MENA region, our influence spreads globally; with premium tools and strategies at our disposal, our experts will do what is necessary to attract top-tier talent from every corner of the world.

Innovative Talent Solutions

We will revolutionise your talent acquisition process with our proprietary database of more than 1.5 million candidates. With our advanced sourcing tools, including LinkedIn RPS, Google X-Ray Search, and GitHub, to the mix, we guarantee a dynamic talent engagement process across diverse geographies to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Compliance With Regulations

It is not easy to understand and navigate the local laws and regulations of the MENA region, and this is where our experts can help. As seasoned professionals, our consultants will take over your responsibilities to ensure you are in 100% compliance with all regional laws and regulations.


Unlock Your Business Potential With
TASC's RPO Solutions

At TASC, we have a rich legacy that spans over 16 years, showing our profound knowledge and understanding of the industry. When you partner with us, we won’t just be your service provider but a collaborative partner determined to shape the future of recruitment.

With our reliable RPO consultants at your service, we will combine our industry knowledge and passion for excellence to create and follow a visionary path towards success. Join hands with us, and we can leverage our combined strengths to create a bespoke RPO experience!


What Are The Benefits Of Recruitment
Process Outsourcing?

As one of the well-known recruitment process outsourcing companies, we go beyond conventional staffing. In fact, we take on a holistic and efficient hiring process that can reap several advantages for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at them

Flexibility & Scalability Icon

There are times when businesses undergo sudden growth that requires a significant increase in staff. RPOs have the ability and potential to help you scale based on your needs. They can leverage their expertise to help you find the right candidate at the right time and even predict your future needs.


Improved Employer Branding Icon

RPO providers give importance to understanding and accurately reflecting the company culture, and they do it through enhanced employer branding. The goal of RPO is to attract the right candidates to your business, which helps facilitate higher retention rates, superior quality hires, and building the reputation of an employer of choice.


Cost-Effective Solutions Icon

Our RPO services are designed to streamline processes, deploy advanced technologies, and reduce time-to-hire, resulting in substantial cost savings. Recent studies have shown that businesses that use RPO have managed to save between 30% to 50% on recruitment costs.


Detailed Analytics & Reporting Icon

It is not easy to understand and navigate the local laws and regulations of the MENA region, and this is where our experts can help. As seasoned professionals, our consultants will take over your responsibilities to ensure you are in 100% compliance with all regional laws and regulations.


When you embrace TASC’s RPO model, you won’t just be optimising your recruitment process. Instead, you’ll take the much-needed steps to push your organisation towards a brighter future defined by exemplary talent management.

If you want to take a strategic step towards a better future, reach out to our experts today!


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