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Taking TASC into the future

Author: Sara Mohammad Siddiqui
Aug 6, 2021
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We’re excited to reveal a bold new look for TASC.
Our past identity has served us well over the past fifteen years, but as we enter the next stage in our growth, we felt that there was an opportunity to bring our image current and to better reflect the company that we have become.


After an exhaustive collaborative process, the end result is now in front of you – and we believe that it accurately represents both who we are and what we believe in.


The key element – the stylised A in our name – signifies our direction of travel: ever onwards and upwards. It’s contemporary, future-facing and dynamic – characteristics which (we hope you agree) are shared by us as a company.


Our new colour palette, with its solid, deep blue and smooth aqua-to-green gradient, is suggestive of oceans and lakes, and represents our history, along with our essential youth, vitality, depth and clarity.


The secondary graphic element of the six supporting arrows or chevrons is something you’ll see used regularly across our communications. More than mere decoration, they represent the six personality traits that describe us as a brand:


These are the qualities that inform everything we do, and that enable us to continue to deliver high quality solutions and consistently positive outcomes for both our clients and our team.

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