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توفير الموظفين المتعاقدين

ينبغي أن تُسند أمر التعاقد مع الموارد البشرية التي تحتاجها إلى شركة تُتقن تنفيذ هذا الأمر بشكل مختلف ومتميز. فنحن نوفر لك عقولاً إبداعية تستطيع إحداث طفرة في تطوير أعمالك وذلك من خلال تعاقدات طويلة الأجل وقصيرة الأجل للعمل بالموقع أو خارج الموقع.

Recruit & Outsource Fast & Efficiently

Whether you are looking for a short term or long-term contract staffing solution, outsourcing your employees offers a wide range of benefits. As an experienced staffing agency in Dubai, we help Fortune 500 companies outsource over 5,500 associates across GCC, MENA, and Levant region.

From search and selection, to payroll, admin, insurance management and support to having your staff employed on our visa, we offer end to end contract staffing solutions. It’s the quickest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to ramp-up your company’s workforce.

How we’re different

At TASC, we understand that contract staffing requirements are often time-bound and seen as an alternative to permanent hiring. We offer clients all-inclusive expertise across diverse industries.

Unrivalled Service & Support

TASC offers its clients and associates round the clock support with a dedicated ECARE team available through an 800 ECARE toll-free helpline, as well as an innovative AI- powered WhatsApp assistant, AIDA.

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Recruitment Capability

Our 40+ recruitment team located in the UAE and India helps us to find and deploy talent fast. We are so confident in our recruitment capability that it has become our promise to clients –the right talent fast.

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Full Employee Lifecycle Management

We don’t only find the right talent and hire them but we also onboard them and manage their concerns, ensuring they remain engaged and delivering at their highest point of contribution.

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Fortune 500 companies trust TASC for with their contract staffing.
Here’s why:
  • In depth understanding of local market
  • Proven track record for fast deployment
  • Strong recruitment capability with 40+ recruitment team
  • Dedicated onboarding and ECARE teams
  • Large database of readily available temp staff
  • Over 5,500 associates deployed
  • Ability and experience doing frequent international recruitment drives
  • Full employee lifecycle management
  • Full suite of workforce solutions
  • Ability to deploy people in over 68 countries

Our Solutions

Long term

While your workforce takes care of your business, we take care of your workforce, taking tedious back-end functions like HR and payroll off your hands.

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Short Term

TASC’s Short Term Staffing solution gives you the flexibly to scale your workforce up or down to meet your current requirements.

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Remote 360

Drawing on our unrivalled international talent pool, we’ll build you a borderless global team that’s ready and able to meet any business...

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Our Specialisations


E-commerce & Digital

Technology & Engineering

Logistics & Supply Chain

Pharma & Healthcare

Banking & Finance

Retail & Consumer

Energy & Oil

Aviation & Automotive


  • E-commerce & Digital

  • Technology & Engineering

  • Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Pharma & Healthcare

  • Banking & Finance

  • Retail & Consumer

  • Energy & Oil

  • Aviation & Automotive

  • Telecommunications


Why Outsourcing is Right for Your Business?

  • • Extending staffing support – whenever you need, whatever you need!
    TASC’s expertise allows you to hire local & international talents effortlessly through our bespoke services!
  • • Access to specialisations and core competencies
    Rely on our ready-to-use databases to find top professionals for your seasonal and urgent requirements.
  • • Visa Quota/ Designation Limitations
    Outsourcing gives you the flexibility and freedom to ramp up your efforts without quota or designation limitations.
  • • 100% compliance without any of the headache
    The staffing company takes full responsibility for all potential litigation and HR grievances while guaranteeing 100% compliance and adherence to the local labor laws and regulations.
  • • Speed & Efficiency
    As a recruitment and staffing agency, we pride ourselves on our speed of delivery. Our large database of candidates and our mastery of the processes means we can place people fast. In fact, that’s our brand promise.
  • • From temp to hire!
    Work with temp staff, ensuring they are a good technical and cultural fit before considering them for permanent roles.
  • • Pay less, get more.
    Entrusting your staffing needs to TASC, a renowned contract hiring agency in the UAE, eliminates the requirements for hiring, process management, special benefits, or infrastructure expenses. This strategic collaboration consistently yields significant cost reductions for our clients, typically falling within the range of 10% to 40%
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TASC Outsourcing – Premium Contract Staffing Services in Dubai

In today's dynamic market conditions, businesses need a flexible staffing solution to tackle recruitment challenges, and contract staffing is an excellent alternative. As one of the best contract staffing companies in Dubai, we can onboard skilled temporary employees for specific terms based on your requirements. At TASC, our contract staffing recruiters can quickly identify, screen, and hire the best candidates for your open positions, ensuring smooth operations and boosting your business.


What are the Benefits of Contract Staffing?

By leveraging the services of contract recruitment agencies, you can incur several benefits. Let’s take a quick look at them –


Hiring is much more flexible with contract staffing recruiters. Not only do you get to fill your positions quickly but you’re less liable for them as compared to onboarding permanent employees. In addition, you also get to maintain your staff headcount year-round and scale your business as and when required.


By hiring contract staff, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with recruiting permanent staff. Apart from eliminating benefits and payroll expenses, you can also avoid several administrative expenses that come along with having in-house permanent staff.

Technical Expertise

Contract workers are experienced professionals who can quickly take charge of projects that require specific skills. Partnering with a contract staffing provider can make finding such talent easier. They handle everything from talent sourcing and background checks to interviewing and onboarding, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Quick Turnaround Time

As contract staffing agencies are experienced in finding short-term and long-term contract employees for businesses of all sizes, they have a relatively short turnaround time in finding and hiring qualified contractors who match the workforce.

Lower Business Risk

Partnering with one of the top contract recruitment agencies can help companies better manage risks associated with full-time and part-time hiring, especially for overseas employees. While companies remain responsible for employee safety, having a contract staffing partner can reduce liabilities and costs, including budgetary control, payroll accounting, and compliance.


What is Our Approach to Staffing Contract Services?

At TASC, we are committed to taking all the necessary steps and measures to ensure you find the best talent for your business. We take on a hands-on hiring approach that's designed to find high-quality employees that match your business needs.

Here are the four steps our contract staffing recruiters follow to ensure you find the right contract staff for your roles



Our contract staffing recruiters will discuss your specific needs concerning business and analyse your overall workplace culture to curate the profile of your perfect match.


In-Depth Search

When we get an idea of your requirements, we will begin the search for contract staff using our networks and databases. Whether you are looking for project-based or fixed-term hires, our contract staffing consultants have it covered.



At the end of an exhaustive search, we will interview candidates and shortlist them based on their qualifications and skills. We will also take necessary measures to ensure they’re the right fit for the organisation’s culture.



When candidates are confirmed, we will begin the onboarding process. From drafting the employment contract to explaining the roles and responsibilities, we will do it all for you.

As one of the leading contract recruitment agencies, TASC will leave no stone unturned to ensure a smooth staffing experience.


Why Choose TASC As Your Contract Staffing Partners

Finding the right talent is crucial for businesses to achieve their goals. Contract employment is an effective solution for companies looking to fill specific positions for a specific period. As one of the leading contract recruitment agencies in Dubai, our consultants provide a tailored approach to finding skilled and compatible candidates. Our expertise extends across all industries and business sizes, ensuring we can find the right talent for your organization.


Top-Notch Talent

Having an extensive network and talent database, we are industry experts in delivering perfect matches for organisations, based on their business needs and culture. When you have us by your side, you can expect us to conduct an in-depth search with background screening to make sure you have the right people filling your vacancies.

Expert Assistance with Onboarding & Payroll

With the help of our recruitment specialists, you can stay assured that the onboarding process for your contract employees will be smooth and streamlined. In addition, our experts can also manage the taxes and payroll to relieve the administrative burden of your company.

Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

Maintaining compliance, especially with regard to contracted staff, can be highly complex and challenging. Fortunately, our consultants can take over the responsibilities to ensure you don’t have to worry about anything other than your business.

If you do not have the resources for staffing contract employees, trust us to do the job for you. Our 15 years of experience in the industry enables us to customize our contract staffing approach to meet your requirements, freeing up your time to concentrate on your core business.


How can we help?

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