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Five Reasons Your Business Should Outsource its PRO Services

مؤلف: Anirudhe Ghosh
Jan 25, 2022
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What are PRO Services in the UAE?
PRO (Public Relations Officers) are government certified individuals appointed by any organisation as a liaison between an organisation and various government authorities, facilitating regulatory processes required by the organisation to operate seamlessly.
PRO are frontline employees who work closely with various departments to manage regulatory issues, help an organisation acquire a visa to onboard employees, ensure corporate documents are updated with the Department of Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce. These professionals are essential to starting a business in the UAE. and keeping it running smoothly. In short, companies in the UAE need the knowledge and support of an experienced PRO to be fully compliant  with the law.

What is the need for PRO service in the UAE?
To foster ease of doing business, the government has streamlined and evolved the documentation process from manual submission to moving most of the processes online. However, without the right knowledge, these processes can be overwhelming and prone to rejection. The risks of getting it wrong or not on time can result in huge fines for non-compliance with local regulations and processes, stalling business.
This is where a PRO outsourcing company brings value to the table.
PRO Outsourcing providers in UAE help organisations let go of this entire process and let them manage the entire
 - Visa Administration: Processing employees visas, renewals, dependant visas
- Corporate Compliance – Trade licence inception, renewal, and amendments
- Regulatory Processes – Notarisation, R.T.A. Permits, and other legal documentation
What are the 5 reasons businesses need to outsource PRO services?
Focus on Core: The first principle of outsourcing is to identify non-core functions and outsource them so that businesses can focus on critical and core functions. For example, a start-up fast-growing fintech company has outsourced the process to us so that they can focus on sales rather than worrying about managing the trade licences and their renewals, amendments, and upkeep of documents.
H.R. Leaders can focus on strategic initiatives: The H.R. function is extremely critical to organisation growth and stability; they need to focus on talent acquisition, performance management, retention, and upskilling the human capital. Outsourcing the non-decision-making repetitive processes like new visa processes, renewals, and visa cancellations can help them free up to do what is more impactful for the organisation. One of our logistic customers has outsourced the entire PRO function so that H.R. can focus on talent acquisition as they are growing at an unbelievable pace.
Scale Independent: Every organisation’s ultimate objective is to grow and create value for the shareholders and customers. They need to grow profitably to achieve that; hence they need to keep their fixed cost in control and not get constrained by the scale of operations. If organisations keep PRO function in-house, then they need to keep adding FTEs as they grow to manage the surge of volumes. And that might not help them bring the desired profitability. We help them to be independent of scale, as we manage the volume variability without loading our customers with additional cost.
Institutionalise Best Practices: Organisations, unfortunately, are handcuffed by their in-house knowledge base. Many times, we have observed that they are unaware of the best practices available in the market. These best practices not only streamline processes but also boosts productivity and generate revenue. By outsourcing the process, they work with an organisation like ours that has exposure to many other companies and their good practices. We work as consultants to our customers and help them institutionalise these ways of working. One of our customers in KSA was reeling under fines in four figures, and it took us 9 months to help them align their processes.  
Long Term Cost Saving: Outsourcing should never be considered as a short-term initiative; it should be done with deep thought and buy-in from multiple stakeholders in the company. Outsourcing needs very intense participation from the organisation to ensure they choose the right partner and spend quality time during knowledge transfer. Initially, outsourcing is expensive, not only the direct fees but the effort cost from the organisation. If done right, then it brings a long-term sustained benefit to the organisation. One of the customers chose a service provider who was less expensive than us but had to transition to TASC. We did not lift & shift, but we reengineered the processes through LEAN while we migrated.
TASC has always kept quality as the core of its business. Dubai Quality Appreciation Award, along with 23 other awards, is a testament to that. We partner with organisations to help them solve business problems and outsource the functions without them losing sight or control of their compliance.  
Compliance is sometimes mistakenly considered a cost centre. Yet, with the right approach, it’s a cost and reputation-saving function.
Miriam Kraus S.V.P. of Global Governance, Risk and Compliance for German software company SAP has said that "non-compliance exposes companies not only to civil liabilities and fines, [but also] loss of customers and damage to…reputation and brand value.”  
Palm it off to a reliable partner who can drive this function with world-class practices. Let key human resource functions drive strategic initiatives rather than being drawn in transactional activities.
Get in touch with our team to find out more about PRO services: https://tascoutsourcing.com/en/services/pro-services

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